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Well, another forum I belong to passed along one of those Internet quiz / generator gizmos, and so I had to check it out, because it's an Ad Slogan Generator.


Some of the results were fun: "Top Breeders Recommend (Friend's Name)." -- And you know, that's good to know about a person, and it's always nice to hear someone say you're sexy.

Sooo... being in a devilishly adventuresome mood, I decided to have a little fun with it. Here you go. Results! I've created a new marketing campaign! ;D (Note tongue in cheek.) My snarky or deep comments are after the dashes.

I didn't give you all of them, some were dumb, but some were unintentionally highly suggestive and therefore great fun...but perhaps a little much for some folks. Then again, maybe I'll include a few more later.

The Squeaky-Clean List

    [*]Homosexuality Is Good For You.

    [*]-- Nice to hear that.

    [*]An AwesomeDude Is Forever.

    [*]-- Aww, I like that a lot. One for the Romantics.

    [*]Wouldn't You Rather Be AwesomeDude?

    [*]-- Wouldn't you?

    [*]Too Orangey for Blue.

    [*]-- That's profound. Actually, I like orange.

    [*]Avez-Vous Un Blue?

    [*]-- Sinon, demandez dedans!

    [*]You Need a Dude.

    [*]-- Don't we all? Even the ones with partners need their dude.

    [*]There's First Love, and There's Dude Love.

    [*]-- I sure hope so.

    [*]Bridge That Gap with The Mail Crew.

    [*]-- Well said!

    [*]Please Don't Squeeze the Mail Crew.

    [*]-- Aww, give 'em a hug, they're great. I bet they'd even hug back.

    [*]I Like the Gay Fiction in You.

    [*]-- Go tell your favorite author, editor, artist, or web guy.

    [*]Tense, Nervous, Questioning?

    [*]-- Go visit The Mail Crew! http://www.themailcrew.com/

      The Not-So-Clean List:

        [*]Shake the Bottle, Wake the Homosexuality.

        [*]-- That's not a bottle, but it is cylindrical. Shake it again, please.

        [*]You Can't Top a Gay Guy.

        [*]-- Well, you could in one sense....

        [*]I Saw Dick and I Thought of You.

        [*]-- That's either very nice or you're seeing someone else. Explain.

        [*]Feel The Raw Naked AwesomeDude Of The Road.

        [*]-- Very Butch.

        [*]Orgasm Keeps Going and Going.

        [*]-- Suuurre, that's what they all say.

        [*]Your Orgasm, Right Away.

        [*]-- Hey, slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make it last.

        [*]I Wish I Were a Blue Weiner.

        [*]-- I'm fond of it too. So you like it, eh?

        [*]Go To Work On A Brokeback Mountain.

        [*]-- Isn't that what started their whole thing?

        [*]Because So Much Is Riding On Your Brokeback Mountain.

        [*]-- Ahem. Isn't that what started their whole thing too?

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