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Switching Back

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I just read a remarkable science fiction short story that's probably the best thing I've read on Nifty in months.

It's called Switching Back, and it's a story about an adult male, roughly 30, who winds up in a strange idyllic world. His only companion is an 11 year-old boy, and neither has any idea why they're there. There's a large modernesque house, along with plentiful fruit and wild game to eat, but otherwise no clues as to when or where they're at, along with why they find themselves in this fate.

To reveal too much more would spoil too much of the mystery, but it certainly held my interest until the very end. There's no sex, and certainly nothing beyond a solid friendship between the man and the boy, but the quality of the writing is above 98% of what I see on Nifty these days. And the ending goes into some unexpected directions, yet with a logical, satisfying ending.

You'll find the story here:


and it's very highly recommended.

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