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High School Musical -- knocked me out!

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Hey, I'm probably way late getting into this, but I just watched High School Musical for the first time this week, and it totally knocked me out.

At first glance, this is the corniest, most predictable, silly-ass plot you'll ever see in a 2006 movie, along with paper-thin characters and art direction that's like right out of a fantasy. But the performances are so earnest, and the songs so infectious, I defy anybody to watch this movie and say it sucks. The only reason why I watched it at all is that it's been at or near the top of the DVD sales charts for the past few months, and I had to find out why some dumb made-for-TV movie was outselling $100 million Hollywood blockbusters. Five minutes into it, it was clear how this movie succeded, just on sheer charm and energy.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the teenage lead, Zac Efron, is so good-looking, it's impossible to take your eyes off him. Holy moley! And if there's a gayer movie than High School Musical ever made in the last decade, I haven't seen it (despite the very "straight" plot line). I thought the thing was so thoroughly entertaining, I watched it twice -- and that's something I rarely, if ever, do with a DVD.

I hadn't seen this mentioned yet here on the forum, so I just thought I'd mention this. Go watch High School Musical, and I'll personally refund your DVD rental if you hate it!

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