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It Feels Like a Monday - story elsewhere, inviting comments

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I was wandering around the GayAuthors forum last night, and happened on a note about It Feels Like a Monday. The story is written by lostone and edited by Kurtie. Kurtie is a relatively new member and editor there. There are two short chapters so far, with more on the way.

The story is rated PG-13, and is supposed to be low or no sexual content, and has the main character coming out gradually.

The characters and situation are very much a typical family, dysfunctional and loving. It reads as very true and natural. The main char. starts off angsty, but seems to settle a bit in chapter 2. The dad is a macho military type, phobic. Not a fun guy. The mom doesn't have much except great stew, so far. The older sister and younger brother are both nice, and it's plain that the main char, the middle brother, has a good relationship with them. He has two or three friends who haven't shown up in the story yet.

If anyone else has an opinion about the story, the author, or the editor, please reply. This might be worth keeping an eye on or to consider hosting it at AwesomeDude, in my opinion.

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