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I am so happy that Jerry has picked up on this story again. It -to some- might be off putting in it's title. My experience with Mormon missionaries has not been good or bad... never having met one on US soil but seeing them all over Asia - my domain.

They always seemed so mysterious... young 20-year-old boys going around in pairs with strange nametags... calling themselves elders. While not by any means troll - they appeared aloof and distant like they cosidered themselves apart from the unwashed multitudes.

Well it began with the movie Latter Days, I guess. The idea that these lads even had sexual thoughts, much less acted on them, was new to me. Jerry has taken this notion one step further - for me - and actually takes us in to the 'Mormon mind' so to speak from a very authoratative position, a gay mormon himself.

I am writing this soon after reading Part 4 - a series of scenes alternating between real life crisis scenes in a hospital ward andto a tribunal being held somewhere between heaven and hell where life and death decisions are being made. It was, well... exciting and I felt my heartbeat jump with every transition and scene. It was so well executed that I was totally caught up in it and found myself smiling and nodding my head when the chapter came to an end.

Bravo, Jerry. Keep this one a little closer to the 'front burner' from now on!

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