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gabriel duncan

been running since the day I was born

imagined too much scorn

I don?t need your approval

this upheaval plummets down summits

like falling so hard you rub your fingers raw

trying your best to slow to a crawl

but the harder the fall

the more you are mauled

no one can call

whether heads or tails

really mattered

through scattered,

spatters of splattered matter

tatters of clothes, ropes and hos

you know this cycle?s the place

we go

the tornado it tears and rips the soul

the falls so long it snaps and breaks your toes

your body slaps the ground so hard

scars along the arms are

barely healed

so straight it makes you wonder

loving life after loving death seemed the logical step

what next? what happens after this?

life was the class I wasn?t stopping to miss

never slid the blade along my veins

or popped more pills to stop the pain

it?s the bodily damage that I claim

just one rape, and a lifetime of fear

brought me on the the doorstep of hell

but I still brought it back here

flagrant distaste for anyone who?s in my face

never knew about race

but now I notice, I never noticed it was mace

the hatred I faced was because I suck the face

of the same gender, family member of our human race

like I?ve never seen a gun pointed my way before

like I?ve never run away from cops

while they?re knocking down the door

like I?ve never sold drugs either

or schemed to get more ether

if I could make this any briefer

it shouldn?t make you wonder

why I spend so much time behind the page

why I say it?s hard to live the straight life

when you ask me why

I tell you my blood itches

and I can?t sleep at night

and I reply that I can?t decide

if it?s the blight or just stitches

it?s shouldn?t make you wonder

why nihilists don?t dream

it?s seems these obscenities

are a means of catharsis

unrhyming poems are for professional artists

got differents parts that never made this

like addictions to sex, weed and being publicly obscene

roasting buildings, and toasting marshmellows on the scenes

as much as it seems I?ve been rehabilitated

I?m saying right now, some shit didn?t make this

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Yet that's from a guy who cares enough to volunteer and to speak out. Seems to me that's more important than past problems or the residue you still deal with.

Keep it real. If sometimes, the rest of us need to be shaken up a little to keep our feet on the ground and remind us what matters, well, that's worth it.

-- Good poem.

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