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News & Views-- July 31, 2006

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Hello again Awesomedudesters!

We have another week of good stuff-- please be sure to thank your favorite authors!

This week we have:

Chapter 5 of WritesByHimself's Another Day In Paradise

Chapter 6 of Graeme's Heart of the Tree

Chapter 13 of Nevius's The Garden

Chapters 16-17 of LittleBuddha's Someday Out Of The Blue

Part 7 of Jack Scribe's It Stays in Vegas

Short Stories:

Tragic Rabbit A Moment in Memphis

BTW: if you haven't see TR's SPAM: delicious and nutritious!, go check it out. It's refreshing to get a laugh out of something that usually exasperates us. :albino:

Y'all have a great week!

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'Kee-rist, what a fucking bummer,' he thought as Jack scrolled down the listings of the continuing series in News and Views. 'Did I just imagine that my story was running on 'dude'? I swore I saw a new posting of It Stays in Vegas. Maybe just my cyber-imagination?'

Jack :shock:

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