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News & Views - August 13, 2006


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Hi Gang,

Congratulations to Graeme[/size].

Lots of new things afoot? Codey is getting ready to launch his own website and the peeks we?ve had so far indicate it should be a fun place to hang out. We?ll be making the formal announcement and pouring the Champagne (alcohol-free) about this time next week. Stay tuned.

On to our Serial Story Chapter updates for this week:

Another Day In Paradise by WBMS Chapter 6

Someday Out Of The Blue by LittleBuddhaTW Chap 20

Heart of The Tree by Graeme Chapter 7

It Stays in Vegas by Jack Scribe Part 9

The Garden by Nevius Chapter 15

We?ve made a listing of Recently Completed Novels on the AwesomeDude Home Page as well.

Remember, all the stories listed on the Home Page now have comment balloons associated with them. By running your mouse cursor over the links you can get a short sample of the story or chapter's content.

Word has it that at least three of our resident authors- Joel, Sequoyah .

The new poetry listing is finally up. Gabe?s Picks for August are:

Truth by Ryan Keith

As You Dream by Camy

Do You Know Me by DJ

Hospice by AJ

Life is ? by Alex

I understand our Humor and Limericks Forum? we?re not sure. He is still babbling incoherently? but then again he?s been doing that since we attended high school together.

That?s it for this week. A few technical things are going on in the background, shuffling directories around at AwesomeDude. If your browser balks at opening a story or chapter you?ve been to before? just use the refresh or reload button and it should appear. If you have problems seeing anything on the site? just drop me a line at dude@awesomedude.com and we?ll look into it.

Another plug for The Bull Penbased in North America. Check it out.. and better yet, submit a bit of that story you?ve been working on and see what others think of it.

Have a great week of reading!

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