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starting the revolution with a spoon

Guest rusticmonk86

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Guest rusticmonk86

starting the revolution with a spoon

gabriel duncan

they want to put me in jail

I fed the wrong bum

they want to lock me up

‘cause I didn’t turn tail and run

rolling up with blankets and muffins

got my cousins on my side

handing out rations by the dozens

as we pull up to provide

I’m blatant with my conscious

an injuction couldn’t stop me

it’s my mission one day

to feed the end of hungry

in a land where our corn

could feed an entire world

but we’re too busy giving

diabetes to boys and girls

what’s wrong with this picture

I’m getting cuffed for making change

it’s illegal to feed the homeless

is this world deranged

you can keep me for the 48

I’ll be back here next week

except this time my people

will make sure you never touch me

maybe you haven’t got it yet

that these people are innocents and vets

yeah some of them are crazy

and some are even lazy

but when did that give you reason to jet

this country’s missing something

fell between the line

when economic progress

was progess defined

holding gauze to a bleeding heart

I’m never gonna stop

unload it all before you start

feed the whole fucking block

so roll on us

cuff us and lock us in

just try and stop us

we’ll be back there again

people need food

and we need a little change

there’s nothing you can do

short of spraying our brain

once the rain comes

we’ll be out here again

disassembling the blight

our leaders lie to contain

could scream all I want

but it won’t do the trick

it’s the food and shelter they want

that’s how we end it

with just a little food

start the revolution with a spoon


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If I knew what to add to this, I'd add it.

If I knew what more to say, to praise it, I'd say it.

But this one is so good, it needs no more from me.

Except to say, it's great, I'm glad you wrote it.

Great job, Gabe. Keep it up -- The service and the poetry.

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Great job, Gabe. Keep it up -- The service and the poetry.

I agree with you blue.


The sentiment of Gabe's poem would have been a real hit in the '60s.

I think this is one hell of a good poem.

It exposes,

It reveals,

It shows a determination to do good in the face of oppression.

And all from a spoon.


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