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Photo of Me Smiling by Kalev Hunt


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I don't know the etiquette about posting someone else's work, so, rather than risk offending too much, I'm only going to post the URL of the poem, and leave it at that. I'm going to assume that posting a public URL is NOT violating etiquette nor any laws.

Photo of Me Smiling by Kalev Hunt

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Thanks Gabriel. I wasn't even sure it would be allowed to be posted at all. I'll do that in future. I tried to go back to edit it in, but in this forum you cannot edit the title nor subject after it is posted. Sorry.

Kalev has some other fantastic stuff on his site. The only thing that scares me is that he has only got it copyrighted to 2002 at the latest, which might mean it could disappear at any time. That would be a great loss.

Do you think it would be okay for me to try to e-mail him to ask him to drop by these forums? Or is that inappropriate?


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