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Sliding The Pain

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Sliding the Pain

By: Jason R.

Little by little I?ll erode with disease

I?m stuck in the middle down on my knees

Though I try to be happy I?ll never achieve

I?m all alone so I?ll die while you grieve

Accepting the past like a map to begin

I?ll assume the hatred with a bitter grin

A matter of principle to enjoy this sin

I?ll always fail so why try it again

All of your intentions won?t stop how I?ll feel

Taking never giving my love you will steal

And if you deny it I?ll make it seem so real

Tricking with smiles as my soul I will kill

Did you think I would stop and make it all right?

Did you believe all those lies I spat in the night?

Did you know I would finally turn from the fight?

Did you see it changing in the dawn?s early light?

If I?m stuck in this pattern then I?ll fall down

I?ll never stop being this painted clown

Wearing smiles like make-up over the frown

I?ll fall in the ocean and let the pain drown

When the end is here I?ll feel no shame

Open my mouth and let the madness reign

Laughing in the water I?ll go slowly insane

Embracing the darkness I?ll slide all the pain

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