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News & Views - October 1, 2006


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Hi Gang...

It has been a busy week at AwesomeDude with the launch of AwesomeDude Radio on September 30th. Thanks to everybody who provided Station ID's and Promos. So far we've got 'em from (alphabetically) Blue ? EleCivil - Gabriel Duncan ? Graeme ? Rick ? Tragic Rabbit and Write By Myself. And we have promises from twice again that number of AwesomeDude celebrities. We're still ironing out a few technical details with our streaming providers and other admin details. We have been careful to go about this very carefully with regard to music licensing and technical standards.

Concurrent with opening AwesomeDude Radio.. we also opened a companion forum of the same name. But why do all this? Well, heck, we have a community of talented folks who have assembled at AwesomeDude and ?to me- it seems a way to further bring us all together. Since my skills are not in creative writing ? although an avid reader- I think I can contribute to the cause of good writing by running this site and fostering good writing and editing. AwesomeDude Radio is just a fun thing we can all participate in and something that might attract even more folks to our site.

More details as we go along... and keep an eye on the Radio Forums for regular updates.

Now on to stories...

A big welcome to our latest novelist-in-the making... as we proudly add:

So Called Chaos by Jason R. ? Installment 1 has been posted. Jason came to us an accomplished poet who is making the leap into writing prose. Welcome, Jason... we wish you the best with the story.

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie ? Chapter 14 wraps up Part 1 of Book Two. It is a short chapter and a cliffhanger is the extreme. Since it involves a character dear to my heart... We'll just have to endure the wait and enjoy the Interludes that are to follow.

Someday Out Of The Blue by Little Buddha is back with its penultimate Chapter 25. This story has been getting a growing following and we hope LB is planning more stories for us. Next week we'll be posting the final chapter.

Free Fall by Codey ? Chapter 5 has been posted. If you like this story and Codey's Fables and poems... drop by his cool site which is complete with forums and friends... a nice place to hang out. Check out www.CodeysWorld.com ? one boy's dream.

The Garden by Nevius ? Chapter 22 is now up. Pete and Tom .... hmm why does this remind me somehow of Torch Song Trilogy? I can see Anne Bancroft playing Pete's mom. I like the characters in this story if not always what happens to them. If you haven't started reading The Garden.. now is a good time. Nevius is a regular poster and you can be sure to see this story completed.

A couple of notes... a birthday and an anniversary. Aaron of The Mail Crew turns 18 this coming week. He's the brave young lad who ? when bullied at school- stood up on the school bus and said sure he's gay and what of it, silencing his detractors. Sequoyah used this incident as the basis for an important sequence in his novel Mountain Magic. He's also been the main editor for authors Graeme and Ryan Keith. Well our little boy is growing up... Aaron and the best of luck at college. The anniversary? Well this month marks two years of The Scrolls Of Icaria being posted here at AwesomeDude.com and also the great team of author Jamie and editor AJ. It has been a great run so far and is far from over!

All the servers and software are in place for our AwesomeDude PodCasts which will be starting this month as soon as we can gather the audio and other files and get them uploaded. More as we get closer to launch.

We'll be accepting short stories all this month for Halloween. Send them along to Story Editor TR at story-editor@awesomedude.com.

Your feedback and suggestions for AwesomeDude is welcome as is comments on your favorite stories and their authors.

Have a great week of reading and listening.

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