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News & Views - October 8, 2006


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Hi Gang,

Another busy week at AwesomeDude with the first week of life of AwesomeDude Radio as we pick up listeners and tweak the programming and tech details. New author voices on the air... and even three selected cuts from Camy's latest album. Check in at the new AwesomeDude Radio Forum for details and give us your feedback.

We've added a new Audio Page to the site. On it you'll be able to click on poems and short stories by our poets and authors and hear them read in their own voices! And check back often as we expect to be updating it every week or so. The link is at the top of the home page.

New stuff:

So Called Chaos by JasonR ? Installment One ? we introduced this story last weekend but Murphy struck right away as Jason realized he had sent us a draft that had not been edited and was indeed incomplete. As Jason, Story Editor TR, Editor vwl and I wipe egg from our faces we take a deep breath and post it again... they way it should be. Give it another go, please.

Seraph by Camy ? Chapter 3 has been posted by our multi-talented young writer. This is his solo flight in the novel category so be sure to give him your feed back on this. I like it!

Laika by EleCivil Chapter 11 ? after a long interval our hero Bran is back with this chapter focusing a lot on and revealing more the personality of the 'Son of a Preacherman.' Some really excellent writing here... EC's prose and sense of humor always generates lots of comments in the Laika thread in Readers Rule ? this chapter is no exception.

Heart of The Tree by Graeme ? Part Two ? Chapter 11 ? This is an engrossing chapter with the introduction of three ? count 'em- new gay characters. I think you're going to like them all. An excellent chapter as Graeme introduces new characters and reveals important information about the regulars.

The Garden by Nevius ? Chapter 23 has been posted. This meticulously crafted story is fast becoming one of my favorites. Again I'm a sucker for good characters and this story has them. Try it.

Someday Out Of The Blue by Little Buddha ? Chapter 26 ? This is the final chapter of this entertaining story. We want to thank Little Buddha for sharing it with us and hopes he brings us another story in the near future.

Zac and Kaden by Ryan Keith ? Chapter 1 ? not this is not a type by a dylexic dude. The story of the Canadian high school couple Kayden and Zac moves now into it's fourth phase. Kayden ? Kayden II ? Kaden and Zac ? and now Zac and Kaden. The same cast of characters but a very entertaining story. And the beat goes on....

This month's Dude's Picks are a little late... but here they are:

Pick Novel: Ryan Keith's One Life

Pick Short Story: The Cool Green Sea by James Savik

We are still accepting short stories for Halloween. These stories will be posted the weekend of October 28-29 so you have a couple of weeks to get them to us... I'm setting October 25th ? as the deadline but we can be a bit flexible. If you are having trouble finishing by the 25th... drop us an email. Stories should go to Story Editor TR story-editor@awesomedude.com.

We want to remind you to take the trip down the road to Codey's new site www.codeysworld.com. He's got a growing community of friends there in his forums and contributions by budding new authors. It's well worth the time...

And rumor has it that our intrepid Blue is working on a novella! We'll be looking forward to that eagerly. Blue is the guy responsible for getting our ADR links up and running at the top of the AD Forums Index Page. Many thanks for that!

A final comment on AwesomeDude Radio. It has been gratifying to see the cooperation of our staff of editors and authors and forum members in getting ADR launched. It is turning to out to be a lot of work for me... but seems to be a lot of fun for everybody. And we have something no other gay literary site has... our OWN community radio station. We hope you'll listen often and give us your feedback and suggestions.

Of course we always ask you to write your favorite authors to tell them how much appreciate their efforts... don't forget to do that.

Til next week, then... have a great week of reading and listening!

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