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There is plenty of expensive software out there to convert WAV files to MP3 but who wants to pay for it?

Check out WinLame. It's free, easy and does the job without a lot of harassment.

It has a page on Wiki.

If you want a more powerful sound editor, Audacity is a free product but you'll have to learn and experiment with it.

Audacity also has its own wiki-entry.

Useful Links:

mp3-tech.org- technical info about the mp3 format and reviews of tools

Hydrogen-audio's wiki- contains a wealth of information for desktop audio.

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Check out WinLame. It's free, easy and does the job without a lot of harassment.

Sorry to be dense, but lame needs to compiled. How do I do that? Did I get something wrong?

I Googled Winlame and got:


I think that might be what you are telling us about?

I'll try that.


Edit, result: Yes that works, Thanks for the leads, just what I need.

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I can say, flat-out, the best ripping tools and MP3 conversion utilites I've ever seen (or heard) are from the guys at dBPowerAmp. Fantastic quality, very flexible tools, and they can convert almost anything to almost anything else. Their MP3 Lame encoding is particularly good -- though I confess I'm a curmudgeon when it comes to MP3s. You can get info on their programs here.

I also think the best MP3 tagging software is Tag & Rename, from Softpointer. It's the only program of its type that I know of that can work with MP3s, AACs (as used by default in iTunes), lossless FLACs, APEs, and even WAV files. Terrific program. You can get the info on Tag & Rename here.

You can try out both programs for free, and they're both shareware costing under $30 or so. Very worthwhile. (I speak only as a satisfied customer, and I have no connection with either company.)

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