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News & Views - October 15, 2006


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Hi Gang...

Another busy week at AwesomeDude. The Radio project is going along well... more voices of our authors and other AwesomeDude staff appearing on air including a great spot by Jamie called God Loves Us. And a fourth song by our author/musician/web guru Camy entitled 'Style' has appeared in the play lists. Speaking of play lists.. we have a new feature on the AD Radio page, a constantly updating play list showing the current artist and song plus the song coming up next... as well as the previous six music selections. Amazing what you can do with software! Music is constantly being tweaked to make it a great station to have on in the background as you read or write. If you are interested in learning more.. check in at the AwesomeDude Radio forums. A one minute version of News & Views has also made it's debut this (Sunday) morning and will run throughout the week ? to be updated again next Sunday morning.

Lots of Halloween stories have been promised by some of our best known authors so watch for them weekend after next. It will be a real festival of special holiday stories. Our story and poetry editors have been the first to post their writings in audio form on the Audio Page. A few more folks ?newly equipped with recording software and microphones- are preparing to join them in posting selected stories or poems in audio as well as providing material for radio.

This week's new stories and chapters:

And Dream My Dreams of You by Jay B. ? Chapter 1 has been posted... welcome to new author Jay!

So Called Chaos by Jason R ? Chapter 2 has been added. Jason has been lucky to snag talented author/editor vwl to edit for him. Enjoy this tale.

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie ? Interlude the Fifth ? Iron is up. Book 2 Part One has wrapped up and this Interlude is quite entertaining! Talk about odd couples... you are going to enjoy this one.

Opportunity Cost by Ryan Miller Chapter 10 has been posted. Chapter 9 generated so much controversy... it should be really interesting to see how Ryan brings the situation under control!

Free Fall by Codey - Chapter 6 has been posted at AwesomeDude and at Codey's World. This is an entertaining tale of parental rejection and friends' acceptance of our hero's being gay. A great story by Codey.

The Garden by Nevius Chapter 24 has been posted... an entertaining story with great characters. If you have been following this story from the beginning, you really want things to go well for Pete.. and it finally looks like things are happening!

Each of these stories are the 'babies' of their authors. It takes a lot to write well and be entertaining. I hope you'll always remember that and let your favorite authors know you appreciate their efforts.

That's it for this week. Have a great week of reading!

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