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News & Views - October 22, 2006


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Hi Gang....

A short N & V this week... I'm on a dial-up modem at the moment and AwesomeDude Radio has been streaming that way for the last day and a half as all Telekom Malaysia employees have taken off the holidays marking the end of Ramadan. The blackout of DSL and high end Internet services ?such as mine- is being ignored and will possibly be addressed on Monday morning. I should consider myself lucky to be online at all I suppose. Counting down the days till the end of March when I can depart the third world forever.

A few words on AD Radio... coasting a bit on the air... tweaking the music list.. picking up lots of new listeners.. our current production staff is busy getting audio stuff ready for our listeners. Jamie's entertaining God Loves Us has been getting lots of smiles and favorable comments. He and TR and Graeme, Blue and Gabe have already done promo's and Graeme even convinced his wife who appears in his family snippets series... to do a promo for us in a real Australian accent. If you haven't heard AwesomeDude Radio yet give us a listen and hear voices of the above authors along with station ID. Station ID's by Camy, Rick, EleCivil, James Savik and WBMS add to the fun feeling of AD Radio. And we currently have five songs done by Camy in the music play lists. They are not only good... they are very good. More to come this coming week. Come on in... the listening is fine.

Speaking of voices, our Sound Files page is up and available. We've linked Gabriel Duncan reading his poem Point Blank Think Tanks and TR his short story in verse, The Midnight Chime directly to the AwesomeDude Home Page. Give them a listen. We'll be adding Graeme's A Letter To My Son and Another Letter To My Son to the Audio Files page this coming week with links on the Home Page as well to Graeme's own reading of these really humorous pieces.

Let's take a look at our Serial Story Chapter Updates.

Heart of The Tree by Graeme is now well into Part 2 or 'Where is The Heart? Chapter 12 has been posted. You can't help loving the characters in this story as you get to know them. Excellent characters have become an integral part of Graeme's successful writing formula... keep it up Graeme.

The Garden by Nevius ? Chapter 25 has been posted... another story with some very likable characters with a lot of real life ups and downs making the story quite believable.

Opportunity Cost by Ryan Miller ? Chapter 11 has been posted. Ryan really seems to be on a roll with the chapters flowing regularly now... and you certainly won't fall asleep reading this one! We've revamped the presentation of this story and it's predecessor Bonding Energy. And be sure to check out Ryan's new Author's Page, complete with Bio.

There you go. Remember to write your favorite authors and tell them how great they really are. It won't help them pay the rent... but will certainly help them feel their stories are worth writing.

Have a great week of reading!

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