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I Devise my own Demise Part Two

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I Devise my Own Demise Part Two

By: Jason R.

It?s a rainy evening and I feel so fine

Because you?re in my heart and inside my mind

I think I?m falling into love with you

Kiss and flirt a little, I know you feel it too

In the moonlight, as the rain it falls

We can last forever, tear down the walls

Do not question it, just go with the flow

In my water garden, reap the things we sow

Heartbeats pounding faster, as we embrace

Our bodies shift in motion, I like the way you taste

I know the way you feel, much like getting high

Painted orange and red, into an unknown sky

I?ve got this burning feeling, ain?t no false alarm

I?m content beside you, wrapped up in your arms

And when the sun is shining, there is no more rain

I?m a brand new creature, happiness instead of pain

On my bed of roses, rest your head awhile

I?ll kiss you so sweetly, get lost in your smile

Every waking moment I will give to you

I want to spend my life getting off on you

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