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I Devise my own Demise Part Three

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I Devise my own Demise Part Three

By: Jason R.

It?s like I temporarily lost my mind

It?s true what they say infatuation is blind

But as I watched you walk back into my life

Little did I know we would end in strife

But as we talked amongst the stars

Like a complicated dance, two fighters that spar

The truth never entered into our conversation

Sex was the prize and intended manipulation

As we flirted and talked late into the night

Vodka and cigarettes under moonlight

My intent was to charm and seduce a straight boy

For you I was a living, breathing sex toy

You were the beginning of love I can?t escape

Your eyes the anchor, the pathway to hate

Drama surrounds us as we chase the extremes

Loving you was like living in a dream

For I was young and filled with passion

You were a whore and laughed at my reaction

Even though inside your embrace I felt warm

It was the eye of a hurricane, stillness before the storm

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