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I Devise my own Demise Conclusion

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I Devise my own Demise Conclusion

By: Jason R.

Violently he grabbed my arms

And twisted them tightly behind my back

With a hellish look in his emerald eyes

He clenched up his fist and attacked

Fingers laced with rings he beat me hard

From my shoulders to my feet

The metal sliced right through my olive skin

Just like razors through a sheet

Countless times my blood splattered

As each inhuman blow was given

From the memory of lies that mattered

He smiled as my nose was torn to ribbons

Much to his surprise I turned my head

Though the words I used were few

His face turned brighter shades of red

When I shouted out, ?Fuck you.?

Uncaringly he tossed me against the wall

And kicked my weakened form

And my blood pressure fell deathly low

Yet I could hear the sirens swarm

My face he punched and smacked

Forcing me to my knees

I fell to the floor when he kicked me in the back

Through lack of sleep and inebriation

My eyes began to swell

And weakened by my loss of blood

This liar?addict fell

And when I did my blood splattered

On the boy and on his shoe

And as he bent to wipe it off

I spat out, ?Fuck you.?

Then he took a knife from the sink

And jabbed it into my arm

He opened the door and threw me out

I realized this boy had caused me harm

Lying there in agony and torment

My body convulsed with pain

I tilted my face towards the stars

Slipping towards the insane

In a moment of clarity I finally knew

The price for all the hate I had carried

Before that time or since

I made a statement that to this day

Caused the boy I once loved to wince

I said, ?I?ll never love you now no matter what you do.?

And as I blacked out and slipped into darkness

The last words he heard was, ?John, fuck you.?

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Astounding, sensitive, modern and an extraordinary work of epic proportions.

It has hypnotised me with its images and thoughts.

You have given us so much. Very generous!

Thank You.

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