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Carrot Cake by Gabe Duncan


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Carrot Cake - by Gabe Duncan

This was a short, quiet piece by Gabe, in the "gay furry" genre. Nary a stereotype in sight. No one even had their right leg go thump-thump-thump when their ears were scritched. ;)

A wolf and a lynx? It's sort of "Scouting for All" without any boy scouts. They were busy in another story, I guess.

OK, my only criticism is that I had a bit of trouble keeping track of who was a lynx (Loki) and who was a wolf (JC).

I wouldn't mind someone scritching me in various places, or perhaps other ah, grooming behavior.

Just for the heck of it, I'm going to speculate on why the title was "Carrot Cake."

    [*]Gabe really likes carrot cake a lot, and made a nice one recently.

    [*]Gabe has a very nice private memory involving carrot cake.

    [*]Gabe doesn't have to have a reason for every little detail, blue. Stop being so literal. Be more liberal, not literal, blue.

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    Guest rusticmonk86

    I think I named it Carrot Cake because a Carrot Cake was loosely involved at one point of the story's genesis. :: shrugs ::

    I like vignettes.

    * ear wiggles *



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