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News & Views - November 5, 2006


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Hi Gang...

Busy week here. The dust is finally settling following Halloween week:

I'm gonna re-cap a bit from last week to make sure all our Halloween stories get their due.

Trick by Trab ? First effort a by long-time AD Forums member

Brandon/Things That Go Bump by Codey ? This one is due mid week

A Really Strange Scottish Experience by Rick ? Had me going there.

Halloween Dance by Nevius ? You'll love this one ? Anonymity?

Trick or Treat by Graeme ? Spooky ... an excellent story

Goblins At The Door by Jack Scribe ? Jack shines with this one

Where No Shadows Fall by Tragic Rabbit ? shocking but well done

The Point by WBMS ? In his usual fine form ? no more hiatus please

Beethee Comes To Town by Camy ? A new short story

Masquerade by Josh Ch 2 - Moving over to the Newest Serial Novels

Confidant by Ryan Miller ? Another new short story

Heart of The Tree by Graeme ? P2 Chapter 13 ? the search goes on

The Garden by Nevius ? Chapter 27 ? life goes on

And Dream My Dreams Of You by Jay B. Ch2 ? by our new author

Good news... Codey is back from terrorizing doctors, nurses and orderlies and is finishing up his Halloween story. Chapter 8 of Free Fall will arrive on schedule next weekend, right on Schedule.

Nevius is working on a new novel and short story... we are looking forward to both! Joel's new novel Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark's will start serialization at AwesomeDude next weekend and we'll have at least one new teen author on board by then, too. Sequoyah's new story is awaiting work by his editor and will hopefully start serialization here very soon. And our talented author/musician Camy is working on a mega novel as we speak.. er write. We have such talented and productive folks at AwesomeDude and I've let TR off the hook about finishing Drama Club in October as he has been instrumental in getting lots of other authors into publication this past month... while still researching, writing and editing his own Halloween story... although I doubt he'll be writing about the departed for a while...

Now let's talk about radio for a moment. We started newscasts (News Minute) segments late last month. They run on week days at the top of the hour. As of this weekend... our Entertainment Update segments by TR replace News Minute on Saturdays and Sundays. We try to keep all breaks in music programming to a minute or two at the most... after all AD Radio is for folks reading and writing. Audio Quality:

We sound pretty good at our 32K streaming on Windows Media and Real Audio/iTunes/Quicktime... but we sound even BETTER in the new 48K AAC Plus format. You can find these links on the AwesomeDude Radio page. There are two... Winamp will play CD Quality (AAC+) perfectly just as it comes (free) downloaded from their website. For those who want to use Windows Media... there is a quick and easy plug-in available to make your Windows Media play in CD Quality as well. There is a link to get the VLC player on the AD Radio page as well for Mac users. We hope you will all make the move to CD Quality although we will keep the old links for those of you who are still on dial-up Internet connections. Also, programmers in South Korea are working on a custom tuner for AwesomeDude Radio which will work on the Windows Media engine... more on that very soon!

Notes from www.CodeysWorld.com Check out:

Lifebonded by Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke Chapter 2 is up.

The Chronicles of Kadia by Rick

as well as all of Codey's Prose & Poetry!

Good to have Codey back at home again and we want to say Happy Birthday to The Mail Crew's youngest member, Rain ... who turned sweet sixteen on Friday!

That's it for this week... have a great week of reading and listening.

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