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News & Views - November 12, 2006


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Hi Gang...

Wow... this past 48 hours has been a real nightmare with massive software problems if not preventing, then severely delaying getting all the new stuff up for you this weekend. I think everything is up... but my sincerest apologies to those authors and readers who were inconvenienced this weekend by all the errors of commission and/or omission.

All in all ?story wise- it was a great week.... so let's get to it!

Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark's by Joel ? Chapters 1 to 3 have been posted... and it is an immense pleasure to welcome this talented and prolific author back to the pages of AwesomeDude. This is a new serialized story of which the first three chapters have been published. Joel will be publishing one a week ? like clockwork... so don't wait til the end to start reading. Set at Cambridge University's St. Mark's College you're going to enjoy this erotic and romantic story.

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah ? Chapter One marks the return of Sequoyah to the pages of AwesomeDude.com. Set in tradition-bound bound North Carolina... the story of young men in love in the best tradition of A Special Place, Mountain Magic and MOONWATCHING. It has been a long wait for you Sequoyah fans and you're reading it here first.

Masquerade by Josh ? Chapter 3 has been posted. Another great ? but short novel by talented author Josh will be just five chapters. We put it up with the Halloween stories to get it launched... but this more than a holiday-themed story. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one.

Please Come With Me by Douglas ? a short story that knocked my socks off. It is very powerfully written and the premise is really scary. But of course ? ultimately with all stories at AwesomeDude... it is about love. What a way to make a debut at AwesomeDude. Welcome ? Douglas!

Confidant by Ryan Miller ? was posted as a short story last week by Ryan Miller and has been drawing quite a bit of good response in the AD Forums... as it is told in the forum of dialogue. Give it a spin... you'll be glad you did.

On the Lonely Ocean by TR has been up for some weeks now... that love story of two boys.. one a mermaid the other a conventional human... who fall in love after a shipwreck. Why am I mentioning it again? Well because TR has done this story ?written in rhyme- as an audio file in his own voice. I listened again today and enjoyed it a lot. As a 26-minute Windows Media file.. it takes a few minutes to download, even at broad-band speeds.... but when you close your eyes and listen.. it is well worth the effort. The audio link is on the new Selected Sound Files (right column) of the AwesomeDude Home Page and will be also on the Sound Files general page within the week.

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie ? Interlude the Fifth ? Silver has been posted. In two weeks... it will be Gold along with a special bonus... a beautifully done map of Icaria! Coming up on November 25th!

The Garden by Nevius is getting near it's conclusion. Chapter 28 was posted this weekend with just a few to go. This has been a consistently good story from Chapter... so our thanks to Nevius for his talent and his efforts.

Free Fall by Codey ? Chapter 8 has been posted. Despite his being under the weather and doing it behind his doctor's back... Codey has come through again this time. Check it out.

So Called Chaos by Jason R is now up to Chapter 3 ? This new author is showing lots of promise and I'm sure he'd welcome your feedback in the Readers Rule AD Forum or an email.

And Dream My Dreams Of You by Jay B is also up to Chapter 3 with a total of six chapters. Please check out this story and give your comments back to Jay as well... it's a great first effort.

Our recap of all the Halloween 2006 stories is listed. Codey's contribution is coming soon... and will be posted as soon as it is ready. You know... all the Halloween stories are exceptional and it will definitely be an annual event at AwesomeDude.

Dude's Picks of the best from the past... this month it's Josiah Jacobus-Parker's The Angel as novel and as short story All We, As Sheep... a Fable by Codey.

A few words about AwesomeDude Radio... thanks to your efforts, contributing music, ideas and your voices... we are well underway. We still need help with Station ID's and Promo's and gathering appropriate Public Service Announcements. Stop by the AwesomeDude Radio Forums and volunteer! Your big chance to be a radio personality! Remember ADR is not a commercial radio station.. it is for the enjoyment of AwesomeDude's extended family around the world. Many thanks to all those who have contributed their voices... especially TR who does our great Entertainment Updates for weekends... In fact he has contributed so much to our 'on the air' sound that some call us... 'All Rabbit All The Time' ... but seriously TR has stepped up and helped out when it was neeeded and we have nothing but appreciation for him.. and he does a great job as well! Come join us and help out.

Before we run.. a word about Codey's World, our little brother site...

New at Codeysworld.com in addition to Codey's Prose and Poetry is Lifebonded ? Chapter 3 by Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke

Poems by Lukas 'n Taylor are also there as well as by our own Blue ... hmmm he's been holding out on us.

Well... due to the many distractions of the weekend... I am not sure I have covered everything I should have.... my apologies if I have committed any more of those 'sins of omission.'

There's a lot of stuff to read ... just remember to keep AwesomeDude Radio playing in the background when you do so. Newscasts of the LGBT Community at the top of the hour Weekdays with dude and Entertainment Updates every Weekend top of the hour with TR.

Have a great week of reading.

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