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Codey's World - What's New 2006-12-31


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Hi Everyone,

NEW this week (12/31) at Codey's World

The Chronicles of Kadin ~ Chapter 06

~ by Rick Spencer ~ Available on or after New Year's Eve.

Ragnarok ~ Chapters 1, 2, 3

~ by EleCivil & Ryan Miller

Codey's World - 2006 Holiday Story Collection

~ By guest and hosted authors ~ Our gift to you and your loved ones, 14 stories and poems.


Laika ~ Chapter 04

~ By EleCivil

Leaves and Lunatics ~ Chapter 04

~ By EleCivil

Freefall ~ Chapter 09

~ by Codey ~ Coming in January!


Coming In The New Year...

The Writer's Caf? at Codey's World

~ A place for new and experimental writing and art.

~ More details in January!

...Plus some great new stories by new or popular online authors, confirmed for the new year.


Linked from AwesomeDude.com

The Scrolls of Icaria ~ Book 2 Part II Chapter 16

~ by Jamie of Icaria

Heart of the Tree ~ Part 2 Chapter 16

~ By Graeme


Codey's World

...One boy's dream

webguys@codeysworld.com ~ Email Codey's World

Codey ~ Poet and Author

Blue ~ Editor and Designer

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