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Avignon: A Software Swiss-Army Knife


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A "Swiss Army Knife" in Software

Avignon Concept 2007 came as a great surprise to me. I look at a great deal of freeware to handle a number of different tasks. Very rarely do you find freeware that is as well designed and conceived as Avignon.

Calling Avignon a personal information manager is like calling the Yamato or the Nimitz a "boat". It is more aptly described as a personal information environment. It would be difficult to find something that it does not do.

Of course it does everything that you would expect a PIM to do: calender, to-do lists and contact manager but this is just a start. It also includes databases for your books and music. Then it allows you to manage multiple financial accounts and has document management capabilities. To top it off, the program includes its own browser and link manager.

The power and functionality does come at a price: there is a learning curve for the program but I think it is well worth it. Avignon delivers in one integrated package the functions of no fewer than 10 stand alone programs which may or may not be interoperable.

Is it perfect? No- but I think that Avignon it is a big step in the right direction. Additional features that I would like to see added are another database for videos & DVDs. Automatic data discovery for its book, CD and my proposed video databases might just be the touch to make Avignon THE killer PIM application. All are features that could easily be added and are logical extensions to the environment.

I eagerly look forward to watching this program develop.

To the developer(s) I say WELL DONE.

Environment: Windows

Software Type: Personal Information Manager

Status: freeware


  • Interface: ****
  • Features: ****
  • Ease of Use: *** 1/2
  • Overall: ****

Developer/Download Link

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