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Help Identifying a Story

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Not sure where this should be posted.

I'm trying to recall the title/author of a story.  It's set in early high school, I think.  The main character finds a spiral notebook that another character (a classmate) has dropped on the sidewalk on the way home from school.  This other character is kind of reclusive as I recall.  When the main character looks inside the notebook to figure out who it belongs to, he discovers that the other character has a crush on him and has written a number of stories about romantic scenes between the other character and the main character.  

The main character decides to return the notebook to the other character at school the following day.  However, the other character does not show up at school.  The main character gets concerned, cuts class and goes over to the other character's house, and discovers that the other character is in the process of hanging himself in the garage because of embarrassment from losing his notebook.  The main character cuts him down in time.  Apparently the other character never meant to bring the notebook to school, but unknowingly swept it up with other books and papers that he was taking to school.  

Does this ring a bell with anybody?  I may have some details wrong, but the description above should be close.  



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6 minutes ago, Altimexis said:

That’s one of Grant Bentley’s best stories. It’s Coincidence or Fate and can be found at Codey’s World.


Thanks for coming to the rescue.  I had thought it might be a Grant Bentley story but I despaired when I looked at the lengthy listing of titles and blurbs.  

Now to go see how close my dim memory was to the actual story.


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