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  1. The longest sequel begins with but a single dot . . . . R
  2. I am familiar with the kind of emotional toll it takes on a writer to create these kinds of stories. Everyone here is grateful that you did so in the past, and shared it here. Of course, if you decide to pick up your pen (keyboard) again people would be very happy indeed! R
  3. Anyone still want to rationalize the father's treatment of Jamie? R
  4. "Shorts" as in short vignettes -- 5 of them. Here: http://www.awesomedude.com/cole-parker/boys-in-shorts/index.htm I particularly enjoyed "The Caribbean" but all were excellent. R
  5. The issue is that it is rape, forced sex against the will of the victim who is a vulnerable child. R
  6. I am dying to find out what Johnny has cooked up with Miss Jenkins. R
  7. Things have gotten really dark with "A Poet's Tale." It's hard for me to imagine anything more revolting than a parent sexually molesting his own child. R
  8. This second segment of William King's story ramps up just about every aspect of actions, reactions, emotions, and consequences. The stakes get higher and desperate measures are taken. But we will have to await the third segment, apparently, to see how things really turn out. I am hoping that third segment will make an appearance here in due course. R
  9. Rutabaga

    New for 2021

    From your picture, I would expect you to give it a good licking. R
  10. Although this title looks awfully familiar, I am pretty sure I had not read this before. I am sure I would have remembered the story. I must be confusing the title with something else. This all began because I was going to read the recently-posted "Time May Change Me." I discovered that "Kiss" came first in the series, so thought I had better hit that one first. I have now completed it. I appreciate the fact that things are not treated in cliché, melodramatic fashion. It seemed like the emotional conflicts were more genuine and true to life. And it was gratifying to discover th
  11. Here: http://www.awesomedude.com/john-s-lloyd/walking-along-the-canal/walking-along-the-canal.htm A charming and poignant bit of nostalgia and renewal. R
  12. It's a great ending, and unexpected. R
  13. Did others find this story as depressing as I did? R
  14. Here it is: http://www.awesomedude.com/cole-parker/betrayal/betrayal.htm Some nice and unexpected twists. Can't say more safely. R
  15. Reading it again, I related more to this story now than in the past because I am going through my own version of grieving right now. I could use a Scott, or even a Jake, or better both, at this moment. R
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