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  1. Rutabaga

    Scurvy Dog

    Just reread it also, and it was as charming as I remembered. R
  2. Really happy to see this story reappear, and sad that Chris James is no longer here to receive our plaudits. I stand by my original comments about what a good novel this would be the seed for. R
  3. Story at http://www.awesomedude.com/alan_dwight/the-dreamer/the-dreamer.htm. Really amazing series of denouements in the final portion. And an "awww" moment at the end. And a magnificent male teacher in this one too. R
  4. http://www.awesomedude.com/cole-parker/running/index.htm Another new adventure begins. R
  5. http://www.awesomedude.com/alan_dwight/one-step-at-a-time/one-step-at-a-time.htm An uplifting story that will have you cheering. R
  6. I saw the boyfriend twist coming but it was still fun. I’ve known fraternal twins (including boy/girl twins) but I can’t recall knowing any identical twins. It would have been fun I suspect. R
  7. I found the stories delightful and stimulating. R
  8. Finally got a chance to read this, and was glad to do it in a full pass without waiting for weekly postings. So, some comments: 1. Is it "Derick" (as in the title) or "Derrick" (as in the story text)? 2. Mildred was a real surprise. Seems like she knew someone akin to the adult character in "One Summer in Georgia." 3. +1 to the 50s oldies. Happy New Year to everyone! R
  9. This is another dependably well-crafted story from Cole Parker and may even cause us to believe in Santa Claus. Presumably nothing will come of the threatened “F.” Wacko teachers seem to be a continuing theme with Mr. Parker. I have to empathize with Cory’s boredom in history class. What I can’t understand is why it has to be so boring. I find history fascinating now, but generally hated it in school. R
  10. A heartwarming story for the holiday season. Don’t forget your hanky. R
  11. Closure will come when the source within the U.S. Marshal's Office that leaked that address of the real WITSEC family is identified and prosecuted. R
  12. If history is any guide, the four Russians will be dead within days (before they can spill any beans) regardless of where they are being held. R
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