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  1. http://www.awesomedude.com/alan_dwight/my-magical-summer/my-magical-summer.htm Definitely a remarkable story. I would have liked to learn more about Mr. Timpson's background and life journey . . . i.e., what led him to his current craft, where (and from whom) did he learn it, etc. Not essential to the story, but I can't help being curious. I have to confess that most of my reading is in electronic form these days. Physical books take up more room than I have available. Moreover, I have really become spoiled by having a whole library of things to read available on my phone or iP
  2. What surprises me at this point is that we have not heard anything about Artie's father asking either of the boys about the new school policy. Given the glee with which the father signed the consent form, and the statement that dinner conversation was common, I find it hard to believe that the father would not have asked something or said something. R
  3. http://www.awesomedude.com/alan_dwight/my-magical-summer/my-magical-summer.htm I liked this story as well reading it again as I did the first time. R
  4. Rutabaga

    AD on Hiatus

    Welcome back, Mike! Hope that all is OK. R
  5. And now a CFNM adventure. At least to the extent that "puberty had had its wicked, adamant, relentless way" with Artie, it has left him with a nice dividend. I've been trying to put my finger on the "voice" Artie reveals in these not-a-journal entries. It seems to range from kind of clinical to somewhat self-conscious. It appears that, despite the amount of detail he provides, there is still a barrier he does not want to let down. I'm pretty sure I would be the same in his situation. R
  6. Both Artie and Isaac seem to like using expensive words. R
  7. Rutabaga

    AD on Hiatus

    Getting ready for the drum roll to accompany Mike's return . . . . R
  8. Thanks for coming to the rescue. I had thought it might be a Grant Bentley story but I despaired when I looked at the lengthy listing of titles and blurbs. Now to go see how close my dim memory was to the actual story. R
  9. Not sure where this should be posted. I'm trying to recall the title/author of a story. It's set in early high school, I think. The main character finds a spiral notebook that another character (a classmate) has dropped on the sidewalk on the way home from school. This other character is kind of reclusive as I recall. When the main character looks inside the notebook to figure out who it belongs to, he discovers that the other character has a crush on him and has written a number of stories about romantic scenes between the other character and the main character. The main chara
  10. I thought of one more story to add to my list: Oliver, by Richard Norway: A fresh take on Dickens. R
  11. Maybe it needs a more evocative title?
  12. As we await Mike's return on May 1, I thought I would post a handful of suggestions of stories that I particularly like and re-read from time to time. On the High Plains of Wyoming, by Cole Parker. This rather long-ish short story is my favorite of all of Cole's stories, not only because of the pluck and resourcefulness of Mason, the main character, but also the lessons embedded in it. First Year, by Cole Parker. This short novel shows the remarkable journey of main character Luke, who clearly surprises even himself with unknown pluck and resourcefulness. The first chapter is kind
  13. Rutabaga

    AD on Hiatus

    Hope nothing serious is going on. Be well. R
  14. Artie definitely "went in the deep end of the pool" in both the literal and figurative senses! I'm waiting to discover that brother Toby is actually a mite envious of Artie having that kind of good buddy. As for this being "Not a journal," I submit this: R
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