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  1. I could hear Cole chortling as he wrote about Robin comparing inches with Dylan. R
  2. Since this is a transitory issue, now corrected, a brief announcement on the AD home page would be sufficient I think. R
  3. OK — now I’ve gone back and read the real chapter 13. I would not have thought to do that — all I knew was that the “chapter” today was the same one I had just read. My fault for not waiting for the entire story to be posted before starting it.
  4. I had the same confusion. Something is messed up. R
  5. Oysters never would have crossed my mind. I don't see much of a fit there. R
  6. Since we're busy cooking a turkey, I should mention that on various occasions I have added chopped up apples, toasted hazelnuts, and dried cranberries to the stuffing. Good stuff! R
  7. ... unless they're on the football team. R
  8. Have re-read this story now that it is a Pick from the Past, even though I remembered it pretty well from the last reading. My one wish is that this one would get a "facelift" to bring it up to the standard of more recent stories, with the newer typography and the "next chapter" buttons at the end of each chapter. Tim and Jed are lucky the story took place in an era where Missy had to use a film camera rather than digital. R
  9. There were at least half a dozen Robins in my high school who were all girls. Only one boy named Robin, who I didn't really know or hang around with. I think he was on the football team, so presumably no one bothered him about his name. R
  10. Rocky is a boy. Like all Labs he is perpetually hungry. R
  11. Alex was a grand mentor and Ben was/is a great kid. Excellent story. R
  12. "I doubt any dog can do sad as well as a Lab." Ours would agree. R
  13. The difference being that Norma Desmond actually had a prior career. R
  14. Always nice for the good guys to win. R
  15. I put together 23 IKEA full-height bookcases when we moved into a new house some years ago. That was an experience. We've since moved into a much smaller place and gotten rid of all but a few of those bookcases. Re hugging: I remember reading somewhere about some kind of study where babies who did not receive holding and cuddling in their early months would actually sicken and die. Don't know where to find that study now. R
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