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Story for Mike by Nexus Pas

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I'm not usually drawn to authoritarian stories...it's just not my thing. However, misgivings were sidelined by the exceptional writing. And the premise of the story is more about mind control than aspects of BDSM usually found in this category.The author is a skilled wordsmith and very creative. I especially enjoyed the narrative style of one character speaking to the other without responses in several sections. It is almost hypnotic and is tastefully erotic in a very subliminal sense.

I strongly recommend this story. Caution: A Story for Mike should only be approached by adults.


It is longer than most short stories...about the length of two chapters. IMHO, this is at a "Best of Nifty" quality level. Carve out an hour in your schedule for this read. I found myself going back and re-reading passages to savor what was presented.

I don't know much about the author, Nexus Pas. He lives in the U.K. and has recently posted four other stories on Nifty in the Authoritarian section. The style of writing is most refreshing.

Jack :lipssealed:

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Thanks for leading me to that story Jack. It was as good as you described. I had to skip some of the paragraphs a bit, as I felt myself sliding into a very submissive mindset. I particularly liked the final revelation, as I had been unsuccessfully trying to put it all together into a logical whole.

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