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And You Know

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And You Know

By: Jason R.

You called me up on the phone today

It was a struggle to find the words to say

They say time can heal all the wounds

But I?ve been sick since before the womb

And you know

I?m not the one that you once knew

That lonely kid all alone in school

I?ve made a new life accepted it all

I embraced the name you wrote on the wall

And you know

When my father died I stole his last breath

I was addicted to lust and flirting with meth

My first trick was a boy with your face

A suicidal thing with a beautiful taste

And you know

Confronted my mother about the sins of the past

Screamed at a tombstone about death too fast

Wrote a thing or two about a boy named John

Accepted the fact that most of me is wrong

And you know

The question I ask is why the years of lies

I know you liked me in between your thighs

Each night you might lie next to your wife

But I bet you miss me and our secret life

And you know

In the end I guess I?m finally doing fine

I?ve leveled out and reasoned the rhyme

Next to me lies a boy I call best friend

But if the time was right I?d fuck you again

So now you know

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