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What's New in Codey's World - 2007-05-19


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Hi Everyone,

NEW this week ( 05/19 ) at Codey's World

Fireflies ~ Poem By Codey

Hyperbola ~ Poem By Blue

Art and wallpapers ~ from our member artists

* See the wallpapers for "Fireflies" and "I Danced with Unicorns"

Heart of the Tree ~ Part3 ~ Chapter 18

~ By Graeme

Story Collections

2007 Story Collection ? A Midsummer Night?s Tale

~ Call for entries before July 7th.

Plus, see novels, short stories, and poems by our authors, including:

The Hunger ~ Short Story By Codey ~ Something different!

From The Heart ~ Complete Novel By Codey


~ We accept story and poem submissions any time at webguys@codeysworld.com

Check out the Links page for other sites for stories, poems, and resources for GLBT teens and their allies.

Codey's World

...One boy's dream

webguys@codeysworld.com ~ Email Codey's World

Codey ~ Poet and Author

Blue ~ Editor and Designer

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