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What's New in Codey's World - 2007-07-14


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Hi Everyone,

NEW this week ( 07/14 ) at Codey's World

Hurray! Codey will be back home from the hospital sometime later today. He'll get in touch with us when he can.

Lifebonded ~ Chapter 7 ~ by Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke (Aussie-Brats).

~ The Aussie-Brats are working on Chapter 8.

Colinian ~ 3 Short Stories Added ~ New Author!

~ Colinian's "A Christmas Story" won't tic you off.

The Chronicles of Kadin ~ Chapter 15 ~ By Rick S.

Heart of the Tree ~ Chapter 22 ~ By Graeme

Sound Stories

Sound Stories ~ More Soon!

* ALL of Codey's Poems, narrated by Blue Ben W;

* ALL of Blue Ben W's Poems;

* By "Civility C and the Talentless Three" ~ EleCivil's punk jazz: Hollow Bones, Better Fit For Flying;

* By DesDownUnder: Why Butterfly?

* By Graeme ~ satire: A Letter to My Son; Another Letter to My Son;

Also check out AwesomeDude Radio and other audio featured at AwesomeDude.com.

Story Collections

2007 Story Collection ? A Midsummer Night?s Tale

~ Will be available after July 21st (or sooner).

Check It Out

Plus, see our redesigned Codey's World ~ Home page, and our Authors, Stories, Sound Stories, and Links and Resources pages.

Last Weekend

Laika Chapter 14 ~ by EleCivil

~ Brandon and Nick, and a spoon for digging? ~ This great story is back with an eagerly awaited new chapter.

Helping Others

* http://www.tsa-usa.org/

Tourette's Syndrom Association

~ A tic is not who a person is, it's what a person has.

Submissions Welcome

We accept story and poem submissions any time at webguys@codeysworld.com

Codey's World

...One boy's dream

webguys@codeysworld.com ~ Email Codey's World

Codey ~ Poet and Author

Blue ~ Editor and Designer

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