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News & Views - August 19, 2007


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Hi Gang?

Lots of new stories, short and long this week? so I?ll cut to the chase.

A couple of really excellent short stories were posted mid-week. Feredir by Camy caught my attention as another in the genre of Nyquist which starts out ostensibly as an English boarding school story and goes much, much further. If you liked Nyquist? you?re pretty sure to like Feredir... I certainly do. Courage by Cole Parker is a definite ?must read? and has already drawn its own thread in the AD Forums. Billed by Cole as ?one off? story? there are already calls for him to develop it into something longer. See if you agree.

Another short story ? posted at the weekend ? is gaining a lot of attention and I understand pre-readers of the story have suggested Popularity by Graeme should also become a novel or novella? something Graeme would like to do, had he the time. With Heart Of The Tree moving into it?s fourth and final phase The Heart Decides next weekend, he already has another novel on the horizon. But do check out Popularity, a tribute to Graeme?s ability to weave a compelling short story.

Posted back on July 25th -just a week before we restarted this column, or blog or whatever it is- was a short story, Somehow, Someway by Nickolas James, that really moved me? It?s about a family tragedy written from the perspective of a loving father which displays a versatility and understanding which belies Nick's young age. I suspect you?ll agree ? so be sure to check it out.

Moving on to Serial Novels.

This week we welcome a new serial novel to AwesomeDude by German author, Ruwen Rouhs. Ruwen presented us with the well-received Palm Sunday Magic this spring and has now embarked ? with the aid of a couple of stalwart editors to smooth out the English presentation ? on a novel entitled Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens. The story is representative of a culture and time with which you may not be familiar? so learn from and enjoy this story at the same time.

Chapter updates on other Serial Novels now:

Jeet by Josh moves on to Chapter 7 of a fascinating story set in another place, another time.

Sky?s The Limit by Captain Rick Book II Chapter 8 is posted with some revealing news about Sky.

My Jump Off by Nick James moves on to its penultimate Chapter 9.

Following the conclusion of My Jump Off next Wednesday, the story moves forward with its sequel, Staking My Claim, at the weekend. And for Nickolas James fans, we?re happy to announce that we?ll be posting Book One his first completed novel What?s The Difference Between Me and You?... probably on Wednesday. We won?t be serializing it but will make it available to you completed and ready to read.

I think that?s it. Remember, we post on both Wednesdays and Saturdays, Stateside time so be sure to check back with the site often.

Again ? and a couple of people have taken me up on it-- if you want to join the AwesomeDude Forums and don?t seem to get that confirming email back? please write to me at dude@awesomedude.com. We are manually processing registrations due to the huge number of spam bots trying to join up as well. Just sign up through the automated system? then drop me an email and I?ll approve your request post haste.

Don?t forget to write to your favorite authors and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. Our Feedback Form at the end of each current chapter or completed story makes it super easy.

Have a great week of reading!

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