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News & Views - August 26, 2007


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Hi gang?

Tropical thunderstorms generate a lot of beautiful fireworks but are hell on computers and other electronics? so I?ll make this week?s report quick.

Heart of The Tree by Graeme ? Chapter 26, the beginning of Part 4 has been posted. Looks like the pressure is on. What do you think?

My Jump Off by Nick James concluded on Wednesday. But fear not? it?s sequel ...

Staking My Claim by Nick James Chapter 1 has been posted. Nice seque Nick!

Jeet ? by Josh ? Chapter 8 has been posted. Wow what a chapter? You remember when child actor Mickey Rooney bubbled to Judy Garland? ?Let?s put on a show!? despite the time and the place I couldn?t help but think of that. Sorry Josh?

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens by Ruwen Rouhs has been posted as new characters are introduced. This is the German author?s first attempt at a novel in English and we?re happy to host it at AwesomeDude.

Ruwen, Graeme, Nick and Josh would all love to hear from you with the feedback forms at the end of their current chapters. We?ve also reformatted our Dude?s Story Picks Novel Tim Comes Home by Nick Turner to make it easier to read and added a feedback form as well. And if you?re eyes are tired from reading so much good fiction here at AwesomeDude? then take a listen to Pick Short Stories A Letter to My Son and Another Letter to My Son by Graeme from the most clueless dad in the Southern Hemisphere read by none other than Graeme himself.

Late Addition: Nick James' first novel, What's The Difference Between Me And You? has been added to his Author Page. If you haven't read it... check it out!

If you?d like some music to read (and hopefully write) to? then click on the RADIO button on the home page and listen to AwesomeDude Radio which has also undergone some reformatting to make it even more listenable.

The skies are parting and I?d better get offline before my computers are punished by Him for all their wicked ways.

Have a great week or reading and remember to register for the AD Forums if you haven?t already. Then drop me an email at dude@awesomedude.com and I?ll manually approve it and you will be recognized as a person, not a SPAM BOT.

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