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News & Views - September 2, 2007


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Hi Gang?

Labor day weekend in the US? a good time to express our appreciation for the labors of love put forth by the talented authors at AwesomeDude. On all new short stories and novels at AwesomeDude we?ve added our Feedback Form to make it so easy for you to send your take on a story or chapter? without even having to open your email program. We?re steadily going through all the stories published in the past and adding the forms. I hope you?ll use them and pay our authors the only compensation ?other than the satisfaction of writing- they?ll receive for their hours of labor.

This weekend marks the first anniversary of AwesomeDude Radio and despite ups and downs over the past year? experiments in format? earthquakes and severed undersea cables? AD Radio is still with us. What is the format? That?s simple? I just play the music I like ? a lot of it I played when I worked as a major market radio DJ? it runs 24/7 and I can tune it in anytime at 99.1 MHz here on my radio?s at home. Hey? don?t fault the logic. I post stories that I like here at AwesomeDude and enough people also like them to keep coming back, week after week. Anyway, if you like the music? you are welcome to join me in listening by clicking on the Listen link at the bottom of the AwesomeDude Home Page or the AwesomeDude Radio link at the top of the Forums page. It?s music to read and/or write by. If you want a peek at the music we?re playing this hour? click on the Radio link at the top of the AD Home Page. We use the latest compression technology called aacPlus and with a 32K bandwidth signal turns out near CD quality sound using free downloadable programs Winamp for Windows and VLC for all platforms. And even Harry, who uses a dial-up modem in New Jersey, can enjoy full quality audio. You can even listen in the old Windows Media Player? for info on the free plug-in for that? drop me a line at dude@awesomedude.com and I?ll send you the link. Anyway, it?s here exclusively for you, the readers, authors & editors of AwesomeDude.com and not promoted or linked from outside our family of sites.

OK.. let?s take a look at the stories?

Newly added to Nick James? Author Page this week is Book I of his very first novel, What?s The Difference Between Me And You?. It?s complete in 28 chapters. Nick has started on Book II which we?ll soon start serializing here at AwesomeDude. Watch for it.

Camy has posted a new short story? Courage. Yeah I know it?s the same title as Cole Parker?s story which we posted two weeks ago. But Camy has been working on the story for some time and says it was inspired by his song Courage which you can hear by the way by visiting his song page either from his Author Page or from the link at the bottom right of the AwesomeDude Home Page.

OK? let?s move on to the Current Serial Novels updates for this week:

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah ? Chapter 27 has been posted in this story set on North Carolina?s east coast.

Staking My Claim by Nickolas James ? Chapter 3 is posted. Until we get caught up we?re posting this sequel to My Jump Off on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Not Entirely Alone By Myself by WBMS ? Chapter 4 is up. This non-sequel to Alone By Myself by Wibby is right on schedule? he posts once a month as regular as his er.. guess I?d better not.

Jeet by Josh is turning out to be a very, very hot novel. The heavy blend of eroticism and romance ?which is Josh?s signature- is never better illustrated that in this week?s Chapter 9.

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens by Ruwen Rouhs ? Chapter 3 has been posted and with the help of a secret AD editor is better than ever. In fact we?ll be reposting the first two chapters and preamble with updates very soon. I?ll let you know right here when it is done.

Sky?s The Limit by Captain Rick ? Book II Chapter 9 is now online. Wow? everything you wanted to know about lap dancing? and more in the Big Easy!

For those of you who have contacted us about submitting your stories to AwesomeDude ? please be patient. Our new Editorial Board is in place and now that the Labor Day Holiday and the summer in the Northern Hemisphere are soon gone.. we?ll be settling down and get new authors approved on a more timely basis. We can?t accept all stories obviously, but if a story seems to be going somewhere but needs a bit of polishing, we?ll consider it and try to hook you up with an editor. No promises but we will certainly read your stuff and give it full consideration.

Again? if you?ve tried to join the AwesomeDude Forums and never gotten an approval back.. that?s because of the huge number of spambot requests to join every week. It?s now averaging about 75 a day! So we don?t approve any new members unless they follow up immediately with an email to me, dude@awesomedude.com to confirm that you are indeed a person. Sorry for the inconvenience of the extra step.. but it?s better than a forum full of spam.

That?s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Until next time? have a great week of reading!

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