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News & Views - September 9, 2007


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Hi Gang?

Settling into your new seasonal routines? One of the things I miss now that I?m living on a tropical island (albeit the world?s 3rd largest) is the cool weather that comes with September and October in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn has always been my favorite season and during the years I lived in Seoul I would ?when time permitted- take off a September or October afternoon, grab a favorite book and plunk myself down under a big tree on a wooded and beautiful university campus and join lots of others doing the same. It was a great experience, not to mention an excellent way to meet new people. Of course the experience would be six months out of snyc for those of you ?Down Unda? but I think you get the picture.

We have a number of new authors with which we?re in contact at AwesomeDude and the Editorial Board is at work. I hope September will be the month our board will be able to check out all the new authors who have applied to be posted here. It?s more or less up to me to get the information before the board and I?m still a bit behind. Anyone who would like to have his or her stories published here should contact me through story-editor@awesomedude.com or dude@awesomedude.com. The guidelines for submission are there for you on the AwesomeDude Home Page.

Now on to this week?s menu:

We are happy to present a new novel by an old author? er, I didn?t mean it like that. I mean an author well known to AwesomeDude readers! (phew)

Desert Fantasies by Jack Scribe ? a sequel or ?companion? to It Stays In Vegas, an earlier novel set, guess where, in Sin City .. of course. Chapter 1 is posted. Enjoy

Pieces of Destiny by John Francis ? Chapter 4 is posted and we?re happy to have the story back on track. Pecman did some revisions to the first three chapters so it might be worth the time to go back and pick it up right from the introduction. An excellent story and Chapter 5 is reportedly on its way soon, as well.

Heart of The Tree by Graeme ? Part 4 Chapter 27 has been posted and it?s hard to beat the characters or the unusual story line set in small-town Australia.

Jeet by Josh ? Chapter 10 is now online. Wow? if sexy, romantic novels are what you like? this is one you shouldn?t miss. And if you?ve ever wondered what a eunuch?s life was like? here?s your chance to find out without actually making the ?ultimate? sacrifice yourself.

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens by Ruwen Rouhs ? Chapter 4 has been posted. If you think this story is ?for the birds? you?re mistaken. Ruwen and he new editor have gone back and revised the first couple of chapters and it?s now much easier to read for native English speaker/readers and a delight in itself.

Staking My Claim by Nickolas James ? Chapter 5 has been posted. The insight and humanity of this young author is always amazing to me. Check out this sequel to Nick?s earlier My Jump Off!

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah ? Chapter 28 is up with the gang beginning classes again after a spring break in Key West to die for!

That?s it for the new stuff this week. A reminder to check out the Dude?s Story Picks for September? revisiting some great stories that have been posted here at AD over the past few years that bear a look if you?re new to the site. Novel pick is Leaves and Lunatics by EleCivil? one of our very popular young authors? his first at AD. Tragic Rabbit?s thing is short stories and Something About Tom is a great one and funny too. You can hear it read in TR?s own voice by clicking on the Wimpy Button on the story page.

Be sure to check out the Blogs at AwesomeDude. A number of our authors? blogs are hosted and often the blogs are as entertaining as the stories! AwesomeDude Radio remains online with music to accompany your reading or writing. 60 listener slots, no waiting!

Best of Nifty fans? we?ll be updating the list this autumn season as well and if you have any nominations be sure to post them at the Best Of Nifty forum.

Remember if you want to join the AwesomeDude Forums ?and we hope that you will- be sure to drop a line to me at dude@awesomedude.com immediately after you register online. Getting your email just confirms that you are a person and not a spam bot and I?ll approve your registration straight away? (excuse the expression).

That?s it. Have a great week of reading!

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