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"Through Different Eyes"

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We want to thank Dude for linking on his home page and Stories page to Drake Hunter's "Through Different Eyes", which is posted exclusively on our site. Drake wrote the story for us about a year ago to help increase traffic to our site. The story is popular with teens and adults as well.

Our site statistics show us that only about half of the people who read the intro page actually go on to read the first chapter, and some who read the first chapter don't read the other three chapters. We wonder if this is because the intro says that the story is science fiction. It's not the futuristic, inter-galactic warfare type of scifi. It's about a 14-year-old boy's excellent adventure with one alien. The best action happens after Part I.

We want to encourage everyone to read the complete story. It made us laugh a lot at some of the things that happen to Louis after he shares his brain with Chela Feff-Nur, and it made us laugh at ourselves, too, by showing us how we sometimes worry too much about little things that shouldn't bother us. It's a great story. It even made Alekat laugh, and that's good.

Thanks again, Dude...you're awesome!

Aaron, for The Mail Crew

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Hey guys, I moved your post here like you asked, and deleted the request. Thanks.

The thread, Amazing Story (Through Different Eyes) has comments from AJ and myself, though we didn't go into depth.

I hope everyone will read the story for all the reasons you stated.

I also hope ppl will give http://www.themailcrew.com/ a good look. There's some good stuff there and it's a great project. Hope y'all will expand the site some more.

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