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What's New in Codey's World - 2007-09-29


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Hi Folks. We'd like to remind everyone to check out What's New at Codey's World and our Codey's World - Forum at Codey's World. (That last one links to the whole site.)

We'll be posting updates there, in the future, rather than other forums, so please check.

We add new stories and poems every weekend.

~ Ben W. Blue


Here's Codey's latest column:

Hi everyone. Everyone's been so well behaved this past week, we've decided to post the "Back to School Collection a couple days early as a reward. :D

First, though, our regular postings. Part four Chapter 28 of Graemes Heart of The Tree is now up as well as the link to wibby's latest chapter of Not Entirely Alone With Myself. Remember this is Not A prequel or sequel or you'll face the wrath of Tanuki Racoon!

Now on to the latest collection. We have five short stories and one poem in the collection. Billy's (iamwhoiam) latest poem, "The Teachers Were Wrong, I Can Learn" is a great addition to the collection.

We're adding two new hosted authors to Codey's World this week with their stories for the collection. The first is altimexis with his story, "Back to School Jitters", followed by Rad's story, "The Ride Home".

Trab has offered us, "Entirely Too Soon" and Colin has sent us his Story, "Family Matters". All of these are great reads so don't miss out!

Lastly is my newest short story, "Finding Home". There will be more about this story in next weeks news and views...I'll keep you all in suspence until then. :twisted:

You can find all these entries and other postings on the main page of Codey's World.

While you're there, explore some of our other links and see what else we have to offer.

Remember our on-going newest collection for the holiday season. You have plenty of time to write as we'll not be posting this collection until Christmas Eve this year.

Have a great week, stay safe and do a good deed this week. It'll help you as much as who you're helping!


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