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News & Views - October 14, 2007


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Hi Gang...

Whew... what a week! As you may have noticed... AwesomeDude seems to be expanding exponentially. This week we welcome three new authors to our fold. Altimexis has brought us his short story Broad Ripple Blues... the first of a collection of five short stories he calls The Naptown Tales . We'll be adding the second of the series on Wednesday and the third on Saturday the 20th. Be sure to check them all out.

Everybody's Wounded by Duncan Ryder arrives in a timely fashion on Canada's Thanksgiving weekend. The story has gained lots of notice on the web and even here in the AD Forums where it has an active thread. Now Duncan and the story are hosted here... we aim to bring you the best... and this is one of them!

Another popular story on the web has come here to AwesomeDude and that is Family & Friends by Ron Robbins. We started with Mac Part 1 this week and will post a chapter a week until we catch up with Ron. Check out the story, you'll be glad you did.

We have another new short story for you this week, The Conscience by Rad Steven. Rad turns out consistently good stuff, both in novel and short story forms. This is no exception.

Now let's take a look at the updates for this week to our current serial stories:

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy - AJ - Chapter 2

Debating Love - Funtails - Chapter 2

Jeet - Josh - Chapter 15

Desert Fantasies - Jack Scribe - Chapter 6

Sky's The Limit - Captain Rick - Book II Chapter 12

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens - Ruwen Rouhs - Chapter 6.3

Fixing A Broken Heart - Rad Steven - Chapter 5

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels - Sequoyah - Chapter 33

What's The Difference Between Me And You? II - Nick James - Ch 4

Staking My Claim - Nickolas James - Chapter 9

A reminder that none of our authors get a dime for their hours of creativity and toil... their only payment is your appreciation. Be sure to use the Feedback Forms at the end of each chapter or story to let your favorite authors know you appreciate what they do for all of us. Of course you can use standard email as well or even post a comment in the AD Forums!

A belated happy birthday to Aaron over at The Mail Crew. Check out their latest news. Their take on National Coming Out Day (Oct 11) is particularly interesting and thought provoking. This is it Aaron... your last year as a 'teen.' Use it wisely!

Be sure to check all the neat stuff for young teens of all ages over at Codey's World. Codey and sidekick Blue put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that site... and we are so proud of what they do.

A final reminder: If you want to join the AwesomeDude Forums... by all means DO SO. Just remember to email the dude at validate@awesomedude.com as a final step to trigger me into action to manually approve your automated registration. If you have any problem drop me a line at dude@awesomedude.com.

That's about it. I hope I didn't forget anything. They say the memory is the first thing to go... and I can't remember what was second.


Have a great week of reading!

P.S. Best of Nifty has been updated for October... check it out!

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