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What's New in Codey's World - 2007-11-03


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Hey Everyone,

New Stories and Poems

Billy / iamwhoiam is back and doing well. He has two new poems for us. My Lover In Moonlight is a relaxed love poem. You may want to read I Will Defeat You twice, to make sure you get what he means.

Christian Martin has a father speak To My Son.

We?ve had a lot on our minds this week. We will have Rad Steven?s Fixing A Broken Heart Chapter 7 available soon, with more on the way.

During the week or next weekend, we?ll have new things from a regular author or two, and we will have a new author or two in the near future.

Many of you have been enjoying Codey?s Poems and Stories, complete with audio.

Check out all our great stories and poems from the links at Codey?s World.

News About Codey

Codey and Tim and their family still need your thoughts and prayers. We have a mix of good and bad news. Codey is home in his room, resting comfortably. His eyes are open, and he?s aware it?s his family, but he is unresponsive. He is free of his medical equipment at last. Please understand this does not mean he is well. He is still critically ill. Tim and their family are with him, day and night.

Tim and family have received a lot of email and forum responses from you all. I have seen a fraction of that at the shared webguys email address. We never expected this kind of response. We want you to know how deeply it?s appreciated.

I?ve known Codey and Tim for nearly three years, and they have become like family. It is that way for many of us who know them. Whether you have been around a long time, or are just getting acquainted, we welcome you and hope you?ll remain active friends. We urge you to go out, be different, and make a difference, for yourself and for other people. It is the only way we make our best dreams come true. Dream with us.

We?ll have news in the forum Announcements as it becomes available.

See Also: last week?s What?s New 10-27.

~ Ben W. | Blue

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It's a well-deserved pick of the month. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I think From The Heart is one of the very best online stories I've read. I wish I could've written it myself.

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