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Revealing assembly - Public Forum Letter


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I am a freshman at Judge Memorial Catholic High School, and so far everything has gone smoothly.

Recently our school gathered for a an assembly. During the assembly we were shown the true horrors of putting people down because of their faith, sex, age, race, appearance, class and sexual orientation. It was rather shocking.

Toward the end of the assembly those who were leading it asked a series of questions asking if we'd ever heard people use the "N" word or make fun of someone who is gay. They asked us to stand if the answer was yes. The scariest thing was that after almost every question there was no one remaining seated.

And there I was, I had thought that everyone was so nice and friendly. For some reason I had believed that no one would use terms like these in my school.

We need to do more activities like that assembly. I hope that other students would encourage or even help plan something like it.

My advice to any student would be this: If you wouldn't say it to a teacher or your grandmother, don't say it to anyone else. Just remember that everyone has feelings, and just because you find it funny doesn't mean they will!

Skylar Zito

Salt Lake City

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