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News & Views - November 18, 2007


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Hi Gang,

We have been expanding at an amazing rate this year... so much so that keeping the AwesomeDude site up to date has become a second, almost fulltime job for me. But as long as we have your support... all those behind the scenes at AwesomeDude will continue to keep the site up to our standards and to your expectations.

This week, we welcome two new authors and their stories. One Moonlin NIght by Steven Keiths is now at the top of our Newest Serial Novel list and along with editor Sharon will be bringing us a new chapter each week for the foreseeable future. Written by an Australian, but set in the US is Hustler by Caleb, is a short story in two parts -both of which we've brought you this week. Please check out both these stories and welcome their authors by your comments to them.

John, Bill & Priscilla Part Two by AJ has been added concluding the Story Time trilogy.

My First Thanksgiving by Altimexis has been posted just in time for the American holiday and is the first of his two-part Naptown Tale about a gay boy who immigrates from Pakistan to America to escape a fatwa. This story is told from Altaf's viewpoint, starting from him coming out to his Jewish soon-to-be boyfriend, going back to fill in the back story of his discovery in Pakistan and his escape with his "ammi" to London, then Detroit and finally "Naptown". It is a touching story of love and acceptance, interspersed with his acclimation to a new culture.

This week marks the posting of the final chapter of Heart Of The Tree by Graeme. This final chapter has been dedicated to Codey who left us just two weeks ago today, and has been posted simultaneously at AwesomeDude and Codey'sWorld. It is a great story, a fine effort. Thanks Graeme.

This week's Serial Novel Chapter Updates

Heart of The Tree - Graeme - Part 4 Chapter 32 *FINAL*

Duck Duck Goose - Cole Parker - Chapter 5

Mechanics 101 - Lugnutz - Just Passing Thru - 1

Moving On - Jack Frost - Chapter 3

Jeet - Josh - Chapter 20

The Kept - Josiah Jacobus-Parker - Chapter 19

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens - Ruwen Rouhs - Chap 8.2

Debating Love - Funtails - Chapter 7

Everybody's Wounded - Duncan Ryder - Chapter 6

Desert Fantasies - Jack Scribe - Chapter 11

Fixing A Broken Heart - Rad Steven - Chapter 10

If By Chance - Nickolas James - Chapter 4

Family & Friends - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 6

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels - Sequoyah - Chap 38

Staking My Claim - Nickolas James - Chapter 14

We'd like to take this time to note the passing of popular author David MacMillan on August 4th of this year. David was an outstanding author who contributed a number of his stories to help get AwesomeDude started. Farewell, old friend.

Don't forget... if you'd like to join the AwesomeDude Forums and post your comments, we do require you to sign up. After you go through the automated process.. please make sure you get validated by sending an email to validate@awesomedude.com. This extra step is to make sure all members are actually people and not nasty spam bots.

We're updating the site steadily... adding Navigation Menus to all the stories and Feedback Forms to most. Please bear with us while we try to catch up. Many thanks to Camy who is helping me with this enormous project that will make the AwesomeDude experience even more worthwhile!

That's it. As always have a great week of reading!

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