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News & Views - November 25, 2007


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Hi Gang...

Here it is another Thanksgiving weekend... and I am clearly 'tuckered out.' Not sure who Tucker was but my grandmother sure referred to him a lot! While we have a couple more new surprises for you in the author and story department scheduled for December... I've decided to ease off a bit on bringing on board new authors until after the first of the year. I expect it will take me until the end of the year to get Navigation Menus and Feedback Forms added to the stories that still need them.

While we do expect to be welcoming a well known and popular web author to AwesomeDude in the next week or two... the big news this week is a new serial offering from one of our own established authors. Here's Looking At You, Kid by Douglas graces the top spot in our Newest Novels category this week. Be sure to check it out. We featured his Please Come With Me as our Dude's Short Story Pick for October and his Gang Of Five still graces our Recently Completed Novels list on the AwesomeDude Home Page.

I'm afraid success is sometimes scary and Please Don't Let Me Down by Simon Jimenez is a good example. Simon tells me that the response to Chapter One was so overwhelming that he's suddenly become concerned that the subsequent chapters might not come up to reader's expectations...so he's hiding out somewhere revising and rewriting Chapter 2 onwards but says he'll need more time and might even hold on to it until it's all finished and then release. I'm telling you this so you won't be disappointed in not seeing Chapter 2 right away. Simon is very serious about this so... we'll just have to stick with him. After all... AwesomeDude is all about our authors as well as their stories. Let's be patient!

As long as we're on the subject... David Buffet's Past Perfect and Jamie's The Scrolls Of Icaria are both also on temporary hiatus -due to personal (offline) commitments of the authors but we fully expect both of them to be back. Especially, TSOI where there is a huge reader as well as author investment in the story... you can bet however long the wait... it will be worth it.

Let's move on along now to this week's Current Serial Novel Chapter Updates:

Here's Looking At You, Kid - Douglas - Chapter 1

One Moonlit Night - Steven Keiths - Chapter 2

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy - AJ - Chapter 5

Duck Duck Goose - Cole Parker - Chapter 7

Moving On - Jack Frost - Chapter 4

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens - Ruwen Rouhs - Chap 8.3

Debating Love - Funtails - Chapter 8 **FINAL**

Sky's The Limit - Captain Rick - Book II Chapter 15

Everybody's Wounded - Duncan Ryder - Chapter 7

Fixing A Broken Heart - Rad Steven - Chapter 11

If By Chance - Nickolas James - Chapter 5

Family & Friends - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 7

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels - Sequoyah - Chap 39

Not Entirely Alone With Myself - WBMS Chapter 7

Staking My Claim - Nickolas James - Chapter 15

AWOL this weekend are Josh and Jack Scribe who took off the holiday but who both promise new chapters for next week.

You'll note that Funtails has wrapped up Debating Love with Chapter 8 this week. This story has been fun to read and it must have been even more fun to write. This week Heart Of The Tree takes it's place as top of the Recently Completed Novels list... having wrapped up last week with the final chapter - one Graeme dedicated to Codey.

Thinking, over this past weekend, about all the things and people we have to be thankful for... hoping maybe to list them here in this space... well, it was all just too much... so I'll just say thanks to all of you who read this and also send a special spriitual thanks to a youngster whose heart and spirit will never grow old, and who will not soon be forgotton, our friend Codey.

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