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News & Views - December 9, 2007


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Hi Gang -

First off, we'd like to welcome well known and popular web and published author Rick Beck to the fold. Rick has been on hiatus for a couple of years for personal reasons and is making his re-debut as a web author exclusively on AwesomeDude. We're starting off with his newest novel 'Outside The Foul Lines' this week and will bring you a chapter a week. Rick has also promised to share the best of his work for the readers of AD in complete form... with at least one completed novel before the end of this year. It's good to welcome a pro who has chosen AwesomeDude as his new home.

The Navigation Menus have made a bit of progress since last week, thanks to Camy. I have been out of it more or less this past week due to personal reasons but will press ahead to get the site organized by the end of the year.

I am going to keep it extremely brief this week... lots of new serial story chapter updates for you ... so here they are:

Outside The Foul Lines - Rick Beck - Chapter One

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy - AJ - Chapter 6

Duck Duck Goose - Cole Parker - Chapter 11

Sky's The Limit - Captain Rick - Book II Chapter 16

If By Chance - Nickolas James - Chapter 7

Family & Friends - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 9

Jeet - Josh - Chapter 22

Desert Fantasies - Jack Scribe - Chapter 13

Here's Looking At You, Kid - Douglas - Chapter3

Moving On - Jack Frost - Chapter 6

One Moonlit Night - Steven Keiths - Chapter 4

Everybody's Wounded - Duncan Ryder - Chapter 9

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels - Sequoyah - Chap 40

Staking My Claim - Nickolas James - Chapter 17

Something for everybody in this listing, I bet.

Jack Scribe has helped me tweak his Author's Page and we've put it into the Newest Author's Pages listing. Go have a look!

Folks are getting the message... we've had some new members to the AwesomeDude Forums despite our anti-spam campaign. If you'd like to join them... just register for the forums through the automated system then send me an email to validate@awesomedude.com. This is to prove you are a person and not an automated spam machine. It only takes a few minutes for me to manually OK you and you're in! If for some reason you have some problem with the automated system... just email me and I can do the whole process manually. I'll give you a temporary password and you can go in and change it to whatever you want. We're easy, but we want folks to join... not machines.

Don't forget to use the Feedback Forms, email or the AD Forums to let your favorite authors know what you think of their stories. It's the only pay they get!

That's it for this week... more newsy type stuff next week. It's after midnight where I am. Have a great week of reding.

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