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News & Views - December 16, 2007


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Hi Gang,

I'm really in a rush at this hour as I'll be doing an interview with SoulForce founder Rev. Mel White about what the passing of Jerry Falwell this year means to the LGBT Community. It'll be part of our Sirius Radio Year In Review aired on OutQ 109 on New Years Eve. So with less than an hour to go before the interview... I'll be real brief. One new short story this week... Downpour by Hylas. Be sure to check it out!

Thirteen chapter updates for ongoing serial novels this week... they are:

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens - Ruwen Rouhs - Chap 8.5

Duck Duck Goose - Cole Parker - Chapter 13

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels - Sequoyah - Chap 41

Outside The Foul Lines - Rick Beck - Chapter 2

Jeet - Josh - Chapter 23

Desert Fantasies - Jack Scribe - Chapter 14

Moving On - Jack Frost - Chapter 7

One Moonlit Night - Steven Keiths - Chapter 5

If By Chance - Nickolas James - Chapter 8

Family & Friends - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 10

Here's Looking At You, Kid - Douglas - Chapter 4

Everybody's Wounded - Duncan Ryder - Chapter 10

Staking My Claim - Nickolas James - Chapter 17

We'll be featuring a new complete novel by Rick Beck, and short stories by Altimexis and Rad Steven plus a few more surprises in the remaining weeks of this month/year. Stay tuned!

Until then... have a great week of reading.

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