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What's New in Codey's World - 2007-12-22


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Hey Everyone,

Check out our new entries in the 2007 Holiday Story Collection. We have two related stories from Altimexis, My First Thanksgiving and The Un-Christmas; Rad Steven asks us Where the Heart Is; Henry Higgins offers a story of Restless Spirits; and DesDownUnder muses on what might be in or out of A Christmas Cage. We also have Codey?s A Christmas Wish, complete with audio. Be sure to check out last year?s 2006 Holiday Story Collection for more.

We hope you will have a good Holiday season with friends and family. Or try going out and helping others, if you miss some people. Who knows, you might make some new friends and family.

Zack faces his parents about his adoption, completing Fixing a Broken Heart Chapter 12, by Rad Steven.

DesDownUnder thinks about an Unwasted Youth, and how each of us goes through life from the view of our own experiences.

Coming in the New Year, Codey?s World will have something very special that will grow all year. See our Festival 2008 Announcement. You might even want to contribute a limerick or two in our forum or by email submissions.

Over at AwesomeDude.com, they have some brand new Holiday season stories, and 24 hour web radio broadcasting.

Jeff?s Fort Board has a collection of good Holiday stories on their forum; you?ll need to be a member to access them.

Over at PenguinHuggle.com, Mikie and others have some fine stories, games, art, and other things in development.

Please remember to visit the Memorial Hall at PenguinHuggle.com and pay your respects for Codey and others.

All of them can be found on Our Fav Sites page, from the links at the start of our home page.

Check out Codey?s World and our starburst links on the home page. You?ll find everything by writers here; our friendly forums; our favorite sites; and even some kewl stuff.

~ Ben W. | Blue

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