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News & Views - December 30, 2007


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Hi Gang,

It's time to say farewell to 2007... which brought little joy and much sorrow to our little community and to me personally. Rather than dwell on the past... I guess we just have to march forward into the future.

Despte a lot of our authors taking the week off for the holidays, we still have quite a list of new stories and chapters for you:

New Short Stories

Fate and Fortune I and II by Ruwen Rouhs (II is new)

Where The Heart Is by Rad Steven

The UnChristmas by Altimexis

Current Serial Novel Updates

Zac and Kayden by Ryan Keith - Chapter 4

Duck Duck Goose by Cole Parker - Chapters 16 & 17

Child Of The Theatre - A Novella by Caleb - Part Two

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Chapter 4

Jeet by Josh - Chapter 25

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 7

Here's Looking At You, Kid by Douglas - Chapter 6

Moving On by Jack Frost - Chapter 10

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 12

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah - Chapter 42

Not Entirely Alone With Myself - WBMS Chapter 9

Staking My Claim by Nickolas James - Chapter 19

Some other news . Many of you will be happy to learn that Tragic Rabbit is back with us in the capacity of Story Editor from the New Year, having mostly recovered from both health problems and an unexpected and unwanted move in 2007. Although a member of our Editorial Board from it's inception he'll now be regularly participating in the selection process along with our other members to bring new Authors and Stories onboard at AwesomeDude.com. Welcome back, TR!

Beginning with the New Year we'll be adding a new category of Flash Fiction to both the AwesomeDude Home Page (featuring short-short stories by our 'listed' authors) and a new Flash Fiction Forum where anybody can participate. We'll be posting guidelines for the Forum Version soon... watch for both on January1st!

A reminder we also have an excellent Forum - The Bull Pen - moderated by prolific writer Graeme, and which is now getting a lot more use. Be sure to take a look at the seeds of a new developing story and it's associated discussion posted there just this past week.

Despite the untimely loss of our good friend Codey... don't forget that Codey's World is still active and growing.. with apologies to the Beatles - With A Little Help From Our Friends.

And finally, I'd like to say a last good bye to my best friend for the past almost 13 years who was killed by a dog on the early morning of December 4th. Roger, I hope you have already met up with our friend Codey and that the two of you are finally whipping heaven into shape! http://www.rogercat.com Rog was the real 'Awesome Dude' in my life.

All the best to all of you in 2008 and have a great year of reading!

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