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Okay, now those Aussies have gone too far


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Now you all know why I am so disillusioned with any of our governments, bureaucracies, and why we sometimes put on a frock or t-shirt covered in cynical, anti-patriot, messages about these nitwits.

Please do not judge us by our elected officials all of whom have been elected because no one else could stop laughing long enough to actually stand for office.

I think most Aussies would regard Canada is as safe as our country, even if it is in the Northern hemisphere. :wav:

I read through some of the comments in reply to the above reference and some of those are as ridiculous as the subject of the article. You actually have to go out of your way to be bitten by a "man-eating" crocodile or venomous snake. It is true that it is a good idea to check under the toilet seat in country areas so that you don't get bitten by a red-back or funnel web spider but again you practically have send these things an invitation to bite you. If you must go for a walk-about in the the outback then please do it quietly and don't ask us to go with you. The main items of interest are all well protected, designated tourist attractions which are no more dangerous than those in any other country. (Jumping into the Niagara Falls is not recommended for extending your life expectancy.)

As for killer kangaroos, well my father some 40 years ago used to tell people in other countries that our main cities had sub-machine guns on the main streets to kill them to protect the population.

Yes, it was a joke. He loved that so many people believed him.

Aussie humour is probably the most dangerous thing in Australia, but only if you believe what we tell you. Most of us never take anything seriously and that is both our problem and our contribution to world peace and harmony.

Occasionally a rogue idiot will get into a position of influence or power and spread lies that try to make us look like we are all related to them. Unfortunately they seem to be breeding, but neither are they confined to Australia.

Trab, thanks for bringing our attention to that article, we Aussies actually enjoy a good laugh at our expense. We just wish other places would learn to laugh at their idiots too.


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