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Another Obama Gay Snub comes to light


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Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama reportedly is at odds with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. The "Chronicle" is reporting that Newsom, who is supporting Senator Hillary Clinton for president, may still be a little miffed that Obama wanted to distance himself following Newsom's decision in 2004 to allow gay marriages in the city. At a fundraiser for Obama shortly after Mayor Newsom took a risky political step in support of gay marriage, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown admits that Obama asked him if they could avoid having his picture taken with Mayor Newsom. Obama's campaign manager, an openly gay man, says the story is ridiculous, but Willie Brown says though he doesn't blame Obama for being cautious at the time, it was clear Obama was reluctant to appear in San Francisco because of the gay-marriage issue and clearly didn't want to be pictured side by side with the "gay-marriage mayor."

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This reminds me of a story I recently read called the Space Traders. Really.

In that story there is a conflict between black leaders over the proper response to a project that would enslave africans all over again.

the protagonist wants to employ a level of trickery that would gain them some advantage. Other civil rights types want to stand by their principles.

What I'm getting to is that there must come with any political endeavour a level of setting yourself up for the bigtime.

Consider that email about Obama hating the flag that uses a picture of Obama with his back turned to the flag. It's taken completely out of context and used to attack him. Imagine what a picture of him with gavin Newsome would be used for.

Obama is clearly a friend of gays. If the fact that he has an openly gay campaign manager isn't enough for you, then consider his speech at the 2004 convention where he reminds Republicans that they have gays too. (How right he's been proven since then...)

As for the story, the black leadership chose to stand on principle and not use trickery, and they ended up in chains.

Obama is our Anansi.

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