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News & Views - March


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Hi Gang,

Two of our popular serial stories Desert Fantasies by Jack Scribe and Here's Looking At You, Kid by Douglas wrap up this weekend after great runs. For those who wait for a story to be completed before reading it, then ready... set... go! Both authors have had lots of good comments from readers and we thank them for their stories and you for your support.

We expect that Jeet by Josh will be wrapping up this coming weekend. This fascinating story is arguably the best by Josh so far. Also wrapping up very soon, Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy by AJ, his first published novel. Stay tuned!

Life sometimes overcomes us but prolofic author Nickolas James has finally come through with Chapter 14 of If By Chance... ending a two month long cliffhanger... Thanks, Nick!

Current Serial Novel Chapter Updates

If By Chance by Nickolas James - Chapter 14

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy by AJ - Chapter 12

Not Entirely Alone With Myself - WBMS Chapter 14

Jeet by Josh - Chapter 35

Everybody's Wounded by Duncan Ryder - Chapters 17 & 18

Desert Fantasies by Jack Scribe - Chapter 24 FINAL

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Chapter 12

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 21

Here's Looking At You, Kid by Douglas - Chapter 15 FINAL

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 15

Moving On by Jack Frost - Chapter 18

In just four weeks time... I'll be on my way from Borneo to California with feline family members in tow. It will be a grueling trip of about 24 hours from start to end, but hopefully we won't have any disruptions at AwesomeDude.com or the AD Forums. AwesomeDude Radio moved to the US already at the first of the year and the only changes will involve the schedule for our Author Station ID's and promos we had planned to start on AwesomeDude.com's fourth anniversary on April 4th will be delayed until July when AD Forums celebrates its fourth anniversary or at latest September first, AD Radio's 2nd anniversay. Yeah... I'm big on anniversaries.

That's it for this week. Be sure to let your authors know you appreciate them and also scoot over to Codey's World to find out what's new there.

And above all, have a great of reading!

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