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Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk


gabriel duncan

you think you're so superior

the way you think you excersize your intellect

you think you're pretty smart

how concisely you reject

you think it's someone else's turn

to feel the burn

from being spurned

you think it's someone else's turn

to see their love


you think you're so great

how you never hesitate

to take the things you want

you think you're so awesome

and you prove it when you flaunt

you think you're untouchable

that you're on a level

unreachable by someone

as small and lowely as I

you think you're untouchable

that's why you wear a disguise

deep down inside

it's not why you hide


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Guest Rustic Monk

this one actually means a lot. this one is directly based on that voice mail I got. i addressed both of these poems (you're so bold and untouchable) to myself, really. it's kind of exposing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Gabe,

This is really good...undisguised anger that's barely controlled with a healthy dose of contempt. You mentioned something

about a voice message you received, and this was your retort.

My question: Are you the protagonist or is it the person leaving the voice message to you?

This is brilliant work...I likes it


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