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Jack Off

By Trab, 2008

Jack on. Jack off. Jack on.

Loose nuts.

Spent rubber.

Endless memories of roads traveled,

Adventures experienced, and, always,


Jack off. Jack on. Jack off.

New rim. New rubber.

Tight nuts.

Endless anticipation of roads to travel,

New adventure, and, always,


Jack on. Jack off. Jack on.

Roads rough. Roads smooth.

Soaring heights. Deep depressions.

Punctures. Tracks. Sleepless nights.

Hopes. Fears. And, always,

Sweet home.

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Guest Rustic Monk

dude. as a traveler, i really like this. i mean, REALLY like this. lol. i love the road. but when it's time to go home, i definitely participate in lynard skynard singalongs.

you know, the undertone is something i'd rather share at nifty. :: grins ::

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Thanks. When I wrote this, I finally knew what people meant when they referred to their 'muse'.

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